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Author: İSkyeNet, Robert M. Gunn, 2009-2012 (All Material Copyrighted!)

Purpose: Fun! A 10 part series of short stories or episodes about four friends who investigate paranormal events, finding love, scares, paranormal events, and terror. Laced with humor and fun but meant for readers of sci-fi action and horror. Episodic and series arcs are part of the tales.

[Paranormal the Series]
  • "BUG!", Pilot episode for Paranormal the Series - What happens when experimental genetics meets insects? Three friends find danger, death and love in the pilot episode of the series. (Original draft)
  • Episode 2: "Disturbing Circuits" - The friends are asked to steal technology but comedic problems arise.

  • Episode 3: "Virulent"- Can the companions solve a killer version of MRSA that eats people alive in hours? And can they survive each others jealousies?

  • Episode 4: "If it weren't for Bad Luck..." - When Buzz gets a strange ring in the mail, it brings with it both fortune and grief. What will the companions have to do to get rid of it? Comedic results arise.

  • Episode 5: "Abomination" - Natassia is asked to house-sit a mysterious old house with hidden terrors, while Buzz takes his new girlfriend Lorna to visit his parents, with the usual mayhem.

  • Episode 6: "Bleeders" - A mysterious force is causing people to bleed to death - in minutes. As the Companions investigate, they learn what it is, and they learn other things they did not expect.

  • Episode 7: "Something Wicked This Way Comes, Pt. 1". - A strange and troubling job calls Nick and Natassia to the wilderness, where death and danger await. First of two parts. Buzz & Lorna battle something new.

  • Episode 8: "Something Wicked This Way Comes, Pt. 2". - In the conclusion, Nick & Natassia fight for their lives, but death may be the winner yet. Second of two parts.

  • Episode 9: "Rasa Memoria" - An average day at the office becomes an adventure into the unknown and the misunderstood, as the companions can't remember who they are. Meanwhile, an assassin stalks them to finish them off. Comedy and action.

  • Episode 10: "Enemies from Within" - In the conclusion of the series, their old enemy strikes. He intends to end them once and for all time in this final horror/Sci-Fi episode and ending. Will they all live?

  • Final episode coming by May 7th, 2013. To all who have read, laughed, cried and asked for more. This was series was for you. Thank you! - Robert M. Gunn

Having trouble reading the print? Try the PDF version - you can make the font and size you wish. You'll need 'Adobe Reader' first, you can get it here. Download ADOBE, install, then click on the chapter of the episode#.PDF link below, where # is the number of the episode you want to read.

  • Episode 1 "BUG!" in PDF format - Bug (Pilot for series) as a PDF file.
  • Episode 2 "Disturbing Circuits" in PDF format.
  • Episode 3 "Virulent" - "Virulent" in PDF
  • Episode 4 "If it weren't for Bad Luck..."
  • Episode 5 "Abomination"
  • Episode 6 "Bleeders"
  • Episode 7 "Something Wicked This Way Comes, Part 1"
  • Episode 8 "Something Wicked This Way Comes, Part 2"
  • Episode 9 "Rasa Memoria"
  • Episode 10 - Conclusion: "Enemies from Within"

    Thanks you to all who have read, laughed, cried and asked for more. This was for you.

    İSkye-Net, Robert M. Gunn, 2009-2012 (All Material Copyrighted!)
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